Hello, I am Wilson ‘Tetra’ Chia, a Ex-Professional Gamer of Singapore Sword. I am still competing in gaming tournaments even though I am not a professional gamer right now.  I used to play the game Dead or Alive on the Xbox360/Xbox, now mostly Virtua Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 4 on the Xbox360 and Arcade. Occasionally, other fighting games, RPGs, MMOs and action games casually.

Currently, I am working in a local Games Developing company, Mikoishi as a Games Designer. I used to work part time in local gaming media as well such as Playworks and Digital Life. Still contributing some articles/information, etc for the gaming media on certain events. Recently on Super Street Fighter 4 gaming review for Digital Life.

Life has been crazy for me for the past 5 years ever since I stepped into the competitive gaming seriously. I got my job from playing games. I got invites for various events(even book reading events!). I got interviews all year round for both good and bad stuff *laughs*. Travelled to lots and lots of countries,  Monza, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hongkong, Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Colonge, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan and Malaysia. Because of gaming, I got lots of friends around the world. Really really busy but I am happy :)

I started this blog kinda late. Back when I first started gaming, I never thought about helping the gaming community in any way. After 2years, I realized that if the person who is at the top don’t support gaming… Who is going to do that? From then on, I started this blog, hoping more people will know what local gamers like me are doing. Part of me also wanted to leave memories of what I have did in life. Looking back now, I am really happy I started this blog! :)

Gaming Achievements:
World Cyber Games 2005 Dead or Alive Singapore Champion
World Cyber Games 2006 Dead or Alive Singapore Champion
World Cyber Games 2007 Dead or Alive Singapore Champion
World Cyber Games 2008 Virtua Fighter 5 Singapore Champion
World Cyber Games 2009 Virtua Fighter 5 Singapore Champion
World Cyber Games 2005 Grand Finals Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
World Cyber Games 2006 Grand Finals Dead or Alive Top 8 Finalist
World Cyber Games 2008 Grand Finals Virtua Fighter Top 8 Finalist
World Cyber Games 2006 Asian Championship Dead or Alive Champion
World Cyber Games 2007 Asian Championship Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
World Cyber Games 2008 Asian Championship Virtua Fighter 5 2nd Runner Up
Championship Gaming Series 2007 Singapore Sword Professional Gamer
Championship Gaming Series 2007 Asia Team Champion
Championship Gaming Series 2007 World Finals Top 8 teams
Championship Gaming Series 2007 Dead or Alive Individuals Champion



  1. Dear Wilson,

    This is Selene Cheng from The Online Citizen (www.theonlinecitizen.com) here. I found out about you through your friend Eunice’s blog post (http://www.euniqueflair.com/?p=1638).

    Your story has given me the idea of writing an article on press freedom and accountability and the expected conduct of professional sporting associations.

    Would you be willing to be interviewed by me on this matter? Please email me on this matter. Thank you.

  2. Dear Mr Chia,

    We are a group of first-year students from Meridian Junior College and we are conducting a research for our Project Work topic on
    Online Gaming such as Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. (i.e. Maple, World of Warcraft etc.

    We hope that you can take time off your busy schedule and allow us to conduct an interview/email interview with you.

    We hope that you can share your views on Online gaming with us through the interview.

    We will be collating your interview data alongside others to help guide our research directions. We may also quote your input as a learned expert in this area.

    You can contact me through my email address.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated! =D

    If u have any clarifications: you can contact
    Mr David Kwek Deputy Head 63493663
    Mr Kevin Hing Pw Coordinator 63493663

    Thank you!

    Jing Yi (leader)

  3. Hello,

    Erm, I probably need your contact like e-mail. I dont mind helping you guys. I might be a bit late now though :(

  4. Hey Wilson,

    Drew here from Gadget3. I’m doing an article about end-user experiences about HD technology, and I was wondering if I could interview you as a credible gamer. Please holler back when you can! Thanks!

  5. Hi Tetra, Im from a PR agency and would like to have you contact details for future use such as event invites or product reviews which we feel you might me interested in. Please email me your details asap.

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