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April 30, 2015  |  Japanese language

Been a while since I went for Japanese Chinese Language exchange lessons. We have natives teach each other during the lesson. For example, I am a chinese native so I teach japanese natives how to speak/write/read chinese. In exchange for that, japanese natives will teach me japanese. The benefit of doing this is you get your own “private tutor” who will teach you at your own pace.

My friends have been writing blog recently. One of my japanese friend is writing a blog on chicken rice… -_-;
SO… I decided to write interesting stuffs in Japanese. The biggest obstacle is that my japanese kinda sucks. It’s at conversational level but in no way can I write something cool in Japanese that people will read.

During the lesson, I asked my teacher to teach me how to translate my english text to japanese text. It isn’t 100% accurate translation. The idea was to make the translation interesting and fun!

One of the sentence that my friend really liked is, 「But, that is ok.」 <-> ” 「でもOk!(ローラ)」
Rola(ローラ) is a celebrity in japan who always spam “demo ok!”.

I personally like 「Blackmail is starting to be my specialty」<-> 「弱みにうけこんでやろう!」
It was really difficult to explain to my teacher what is Blackmail. And it was really difficult to make it work in Japanese. In the end, it became “Make use of his/her weakness”.



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