Lasik + Gamer = Cyclops! Part 1

May 14, 2013  |  Random rants

Haven’t been blogging lol. I don’t think I even need to say that.

Recently, my passion for blogging came back. There are a number of reasons… I will talk about them on my next next post lol. Hopefully, that will be within this or next week. I swear they are good reasons :)

For this post, I am going to write about Lasik + Gamer(ME!). I believe that there is next to zero gamers that undergone Lasik surgery and blog about it. That will make it a fun blog post :)

I went for lasik in October 2012. That is one of the reasons why I avoid having too much contact with monitors now. It has been a long long 7 months. I am pretty much having perfect eyesight since then.

If those who don’t know anything about lasik, read

Compatibility check for Lasik

Before I can undergo Lasik surgery, I have to pass the eye examination/test. The eye examination is a difficult part for me. I always had this problem of opening my eyes REALLY REALLY BIG. Imagine that I had problems with just putting on contact lens.

The nurses got pretty upset(i think!) with me when I retook some tests like 5 or more times. What I have to do is just sit down there, open my eyes and avoid blinking at all cause. This is harder than taking on top players in the world! The nurses were my worst nightmare, they remember me as the guy who don’t want to open his eyes :(

The other test was to check my eye sight to see how bad my eye sight is. All this tests is to see whether my cornea is thick enough, etc. It is to make sure that Lasik is suitable for me.

At the end of the tests, the doctor took a look at my eyes and told me that I am perfectly suitable for Lasik. Hurray!

End of part 1 :)  Part 2 of the post will be about the actual surgery.


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