Catching back on the lost 7 months

Time flies by really quickly! My first blog post in 7months!

Most of my gaming pals asked where I have been to. My computer broke down from December to April. After which I have been spending most of my time with social life, working, casual gaming, etc.Now all my non-gaming friends stopped asking what I have been up to haha.

It is really hard to get back into my blogging routine. Wonder how many people actually still read this blog :)

I haven’t fix a lot of things in this blog. Hopefully I can get it done by end of this year.

My working life is currently quite tough. My working hours is 8.30am to 6pm. I need to wake up by 7am on weekdays. Work is kinda tiring for me but I am actually happy about working here. My office is called Games Solution Centre. It is a place where we basically support local games developer. My job title is games designer but I mostly work on projects and manage projects. Other stuffs include, IT support, website setup/maintenance, PR-ing, liaising stuffs, handling events, etc. I like to tell my boss how confused I am. It reached the point where I don’t know how to tell people what I am doing lol. Games designing is probably 20% of my current job scope. It is a tough job but I like what I am doing. However, I need to start thinking about where I want to be in the future. I kinda slack on that because my life just plans out smoothly. My office’s website is

A project that I worked on which is . This project took me 2 months to launch lol. I worked with numerous people to get it up. I don’t do the actual coding though. Our contractor does it for us. It is still undergoing improvements, etc. The aim of this website is to promote Singapore-made games. Some things didn’t turn out like what I wanted because of all the restrictions and control set by the some of the top people but I hope what I have done is going to help our games industry in the long run.

On the gaming side, I wished I could spend more time on playing. I picked up Soul Calibur V, Diablo 3, Dragons Dogma, and more recently Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown.

I did quite well for most Soul Calibur V tournaments. I was in top 3 for most tournaments but unable to get 1st place for Singles tournament. Our Singapore top player is too strong for me. I am a bit half hearted about the game though :(

Diablo 3 was well… Fun for a while. I reached Inferno Act3 before I stopped playing. That was 3 weeks ago? It is great to see all my friends playing D3. However… it was difficult to chat and play while kiting in Inferno. Takes a whole lot of focus to concentrate on ‘not dying’. Dragon’s Dogma is a really cool game. Everyone should pick it up if they own a 360 or ps3!

I am still playing Vanessa in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. She is a lot weaker than the previous version. She also lost most of her stance switching tools. According to Itazan, she is tier B. I am still getting used to all the changes to the game system. Evade crouch dash and fuzzy guarding is so much better now. I will probably play more VF5FS for now. Hoping Raymus and Jovian can win in VF5FS for Evo :)

S: Akira, Jacky, Takarashi, lion
A: Wolf, Kage, Lau, Shun
B: Others that are not mentioned
C: El blaze, Lei Fei

Lastly on street fighter. I hardly play now haha. Occasionally, I will pass by the arcade near my house to play a few games. I only play Cammy most of the time now. I will probably spend more time training SF4 if I am going overseas again. For the time being, I will concentrate on other stuffs. I feel kinda sorry for my SF4 friends. I had a lot of fun in Singapore Evo qualifiers though! It was great to see everyone again.

Not forgetting, I hope that Singapore Evo team will be able to do well this year!

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