SSF4AE: Input bugged after air reset combo

September 26, 2011  |  Fighting Games, Street Fighter 4

I found this bug last month when I was in Japan. Akape(Grandmaster Yang) player and I was playing around in training mode testing more Yang setup stuffs. Eventually we discovered this bug lol.

When I told Haneyama this, he didnt know about it. I guess this is new?

I recently tested this again. It works with Makoto, Sakura, Yang so far. Cos they all can juggle into air reset. Doesnt seem to work with Viper’s seimic hammer > jump HK/MK/LK.

What this bug do

1) This causes opponent’s buttons to stop working. Inputs still appear in training mode and replay. Look at the inputs in the video.
2) Opponent still can move around, block or jump.

Conditions for the bug to work

1) Air reset after a combo
2) Cross up dash. Doesnt seem to work if its a fake cross up dash.
3) Opponent must be mashing something. Works with uppercuts, jabs or whichever buttons.

Additional Info

1) I only managed to get it work every 1 time in 10 tries. I have no clue of making it consistently work every single time.
2) I tested against Yang and Ryu before. Not sure if it works on all chars.






1)コンボの後でジャンプ大P空中ヒット > 前ステ。




  1. It seems to have to do with holding back (away from yang etc) as soon as he hits you. I only tried this with yang, but if i hold back right after close MK hits the buttons stop working on landing :/

  2. I forgot to mention i’m holding back the whole time (same direction it never changes) and i have lp on turbo.

  3. Hi Ib4ve found another bug. In the corsenvation with Rachel in the Lockerroom. Even trough Praker got a waxing from Mrs Anderson, Rachel says that Parker needs to shave her public hair.Thatb4s my save:file:///C:/Users/Hellraizer/Downloads/

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