NSB28, SBO qualifiers and Kyoto Godsgarden Qualifiers

Been busy the past few days. Forgot to bring my laptop charger to Nagoya… Left it at Itazans house. Using Momochi computer right now.

I joined SBO qualifiers with Hiropon. Lost in our 2nd game against one of the stronger teams. Reiketsu Claw and Nen Yun. I managed to win Nen alot in casuals so he wasnt comfortable with playing against me. He got really nervous and dropped his Genen jin combo.

Pretty tired during the tournament. Almost fell asleep watching other matches lol. I was on Kao TV the previous day. Didnt sleep very well on that day. Like 3hours of sleep.

The entire video is around 4hrs? More on youtube. Went to Nagoya on the 12th alone. 12days passed! Been a really long time. Took bus to Nagoya. The traffic was so bad that it took 3hrs more than scheduled time. Nearly gone crazy in the bus lol.

The next day is NSB! So sleepy… Got to semi finals with Momochi and Choco team.

I won 3 games straight against the 1st team.

Choco won 3 games straight against the 2nd team.

Next is top 8. Choco lost against Rufus. I won against the Master ranked Rufus. I lost to Yun by a bit… Was winning by a fair amount. Momochi won against Yun and Yang. Everyone cheered for Momochi Cody!

Next match is Semi Finals. All 3 of us lost to RF sagat. Momochi Cody heated up the whole audience though!

Kinda lucky on that day. Stunfest dudes attended NSB too! Migi cosplayed as

On the following day, we took Chakai Kens car to Kyoto for godsgarden qualifiers. I really need more sleep. Around 4hrs to travel from Nagoya to Kyoto in the early morning cos of traffic. We woke up around 530 am lol.

Video 1
Vs Jay T-hawk @10:50
Vs Sunechaya(?) Yang @ 19:18
Vs Sakanayasan Dhalsim @ 22:05. Only have the last round recorded. Weird way to win lol…
Vs Maida Taison @ 27:31

Video 2
Vs Efute Chun li @00:00

Video 3
None of my matches lol. Cos I lost :(

I did pretty well I guess. Winning all games in the first round robin. Almost lost to a 40k BP Dhalsim cos of u2 mistake. Maida Taison is in my pool as well. Thanks to all the torturing in Shinjuku. I won my game against another Master Yang player.

The 2nd round robin rules is different from the 1st. In the 2nd round robin, we have to play against each other for 2 games. The top 2 players who win the most will get to the next double elimination bracket. I didnt do too well against Efute chun li. Made alot of minor mistakes. I had confidence against Mayokara Feilong but I eventually died cos I was playing too safely. I almost won 2 games straight against a master Rufus. Eventually only winning 1 game instead of 2. It was fun though! Lots of casuals and cheering. I didnt get much cheering though haha.

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