4th day in Japan

August 4, 2011  |  Fighting Games, Street Fighter 4, Travel

Been here for 4 days. Another 18days to go.

Day 1

Vomitted on my flight to Japan for the first time. The customs in Japan is like wayyyyyyy empty. First time ever! I didnt have to queue. I finished the customs check within 5mins. Thats insane. I used to queue for around 30mins. I guess Japan is really scary for travellers now.

I took my lonely train ride to meet up with Itazan at Akihabara Hey arcade. When I arrived at Akihabara, I didnt know the way to Akihabara Hey. I went over to the Police Station and asked for directions to the arcade. The weird thing was, the policeman actually tried to speak broken mandarin, explaining how to go to the Arcade. Pretty cool!

When I arrived at Akihabara Hey, I met Kanbara and Itazan. Kanbara still remembers me! So nice of him! Hanamaruki, Gasshuku and Aojiru Guile is around too. I didnt get to play against them though. The timing for the machines there are totally different from Singapore machines. Took me alot of effort to win even the weak players. I managed to win AOI sagat 1 game but lost 1 too. I eventually got more used to the timing though. I got around 8k BP and 70% win rate I think.

Itazan drove me back to his house on his bike. I had my luggage bag… Itazan told me I have to challenge! Meaning riding on his bike along with my luggage bag. Its like having 3 person on 1 bike. Crazy. We managed to do it though. Ended up with a really painful ass and tired shoulder. Pretty scary when the luggage bag felt like its falling off whenever he make a tight turn.

Experienced my first earthquake at Itazan house… Just a minor one though, over within around 15 secs. Chatted with Ohsu and Itazan abit and drank a nice lemon beer with him. Long day lol.

Day 2

Pretty much played my whole day away today. Started off with playing online then going to Shinjuku Taito.

I actually get better win rates at Arcades than Online. Weird lol… I kept losing to Guy players for some reason. Its difficult to keep up with them.

There wasnt alot of players earlier in the afternoon. I had to 1 on 1 Youslydog, a master ranked Chun Li player. There was a interesting setup that he did. After EX lightning legs > Kikoken > hazanshu. Usually, I can SRK the hazanshu. But, his was a true block string. If I tried to mash, I will get hit by the Hazanshu. Kinda cool.

Kanbara, AC Revenger, Hanamaruki, Yuu and Ikari oyaji. Kanbara Adon is really strong… He did a couple of setups. I am pretty even with Hanamaruki Sagat, thanks to all the torturing I got from Singapore Sagats. Yuu akuma is now playing Yang 35k BP. Ikari Oyaji is playing Yun now 51k BP. Kanbara felt stronger than the rest of them.

Later in the night, Kanbara and I went for dinner together. He paid for my meal! Gochisousamadeshita! We had a long chat together. I will keep that conversation as a secret.

Oh yea, Ameriken Sagat, now Yang as well. He approached me when I was playing. Omg he still remembered me.

I took a train back. I forgot how to walk back to Itazan house. I had to call him and waited around for him. I ate again.. just to waste time. In the end he wasnt gonna pick me up. I figured I have to learn how to walk back on my own anyway. I asked the policeman nearby for directions to his house. Took me around 1hr 30mins before I reached home lol.

Day 3

Woke up with the day raining. Lots and lots of rain. I stayed at home abit playing online. Itazan was writing his blog. When the rain stopped, we went out for late lunch around 3pm.

I ate this really nice curry rice near his house. Its expensive though 1100 yen for 1 person. Itazan treated me for this meal. THANK YOU! After our food, he sent me to the nearest train station. I am on my way to Shinjuku Taito again.

At Shinjuku Taito, Mago was playing Daigo. And its only 5pm. Pretty hardcore of them. They just spam tokens without standing up. Which isnt the usual practice for Japanese players. Guess they really need alot of practice. Ikari Oyaji was playing Kyabetsu Viper. I wanted to play against Kyabetsu but Ikari Oyaji was spamming tokens too… Oh ya, Ikari Oyaji changed his nick to PinPinMan.

The setups in Shinjuku Taito now is, 8 linked machines, 4 individually linked machines meaning, 2 sets of 1 on 1. I went on to play at the linked machines cos the top players are spamming tokens. Later on the night, I played against Anton Gouken 33k BP. VERY STRONG. I dont know how to deal with Gouken at all. I didnt know Gouken can be this strong… He basically fireball me for zoning. If I jump over his fireball from a certain range, he would dash in and ex hurricane kick. He had alot of demon flip setups which I didnt understand what was going on lol.

Eventually, Kazunoko came and started playing with Daigo 1 on 1. Daigo was using Ryu and switched to Yun later on. Their matches look pretty even now. Daigo used Yun Ultra on Kazunoko when he did sMP > fake palm. He couldnt block in time.

I managed to play against Daigo and Kazunoko when they joined the 8 linked machines. Daigo backdashes alot and uppercut alot. While Kazunoko block and techs properly. Kazunoko felt stronger in comparison. There was more than a few times, he just waited for me to neutral jump before he EX lunge punch me. But both of them is wayyyyyy above the rest of the Yun. I played Fuck Yun 110000BP. I can win him quite alot cos he fell for the usual setups.

I am on 23k BP right now. A rank with 60% win rate. Hope I can get Master Rank before I go back Singapore!

PS, will upload pictures later. Abit tired to do it now…


  1. There’s a player with “Fuck Yun” on his card? Lol.

  2. Very nice read. Looking forward to my trip at Christmas.

  3. Yap lol… 110k BP lol.

  4. man i miss those time… help me check out the ramen shop opposite, if the chinese lady is still working there lol.
    nice read

  5. Very nice read!! can’t wait for the next one
    Thanks for describing what happened during those matches, setups, habits etc

  6. Duuuude!! You’ve never been to Akiahabara HEY until now? It’s right on the chuo-dori so I thought you’d have at least passed by the place when you were in Akiba on previous trips. Then again I was in Takadanobaba once but I cound’t find Taito Big Box. Anyway this has been a very good read. Post more about the arcade culture there and your amaxing exploits! I woke up super late today so I missed your match on SBO stream, but I’ll definitely be cheering with the rest of the SG crowd here for you at NSB. FIGHT! OH!

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