LG Flatron LED E2360 with Street Fighter

In recent years, LG has been getting more and more aggressive in marketing their monitor products. I am really happy about LG changing their marketing strategy because last year I bought a LG LCD monitor W2753V. I am a happy owner along with my friend Paul :)

A few weeks ago, LG decided to send me a E2360 LED monitor for review purpose! Hurray! I only have LCDs at home so this is my first trial on LEDs. I decided to invite 2 of my Street Fighter friends over to try it together.

Setting up E2360 with Consoles

I own both a PS3 and Xbox360. Some people might be concerned about problem connecting to a PC monitor. I was worried when I first got my W2753V too.

E2360 comes with DVI-D, D-SUB, HDMI and Sound ports.

Connecting a PS3 or a new generation Xbox360 is really simple. Just get HDMI cable and a normal speaker(10$ kind will do), plug in to the HDMI and Sound port. Walaaaa. That’s all you need to do. The only extra step is the sound.

For old generation Xbox360 without a HDMI port, get a Xbox360 VGA Cable. This connects to the D-SUB on the monitor.

Configuring the monitor settings is a pain though. I only have to go through it once though. The buttons are placed directly at the bottom of the LED panel. LED is light weight… so what happen is, when I try to push the buttons, the monitor is moving around.


LG LED way out performed LCD technology. E2360 looked way brighter, better contrast and with 1080P HD support. Not to forget, 16:9 wide screen ratio is best used when playing with console games. Some monitors are using 16:10 wide screen ratio which is bad for console gaming. Most, if not all console games supports 16:9.
It is really obvious that everything is just way better. Don’t think I need to explain more :)

Input Delay

I was expecting huge amount of lag from a LED. E2360 has a 5ms delay compared to my W2753V LCD(2ms). In Street fighter, monitor delay is annoying cos it screws up standard input timing.

When I played with my friends, we didn’t notice huge amount of lag. It is minimal and not exactly noticeable. We can feel it is somewhat off but we could still pull off every single combo in the game.


For a retail price of 298$, a 23inch wide screen E2360 with 1080P support is a really good buy. Setting up with consoles is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The minimal delay is really the only thing to consider when buying this monitor. This shouldn’t affect every other game though. Basically this only matters to those who are really really hardcore on fighting games.


  1. This is nice

  2. Hey there, I have the same monitor. but I actually use it for my pc, so I’v been trying to connect it with my ps3 but I couldn’t, I looked every, and I did plug the HDMI cable, but no response.

    So can you help me? please…

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