In Tokyo Japan, 4th of April

4rd of April, Capcom National Tournament day.

I went to Akihabara with Itazan in the morning cos I stayed over at his place. He already qualified for Capcom Nationals. I felt a bit sorry for him cos he had to wake up early for me.

Spore, SY and I registered as a team for nationals very last qualifiers. HZY had to send her gf to the airport. So he couldnt join us. Only 16 teams will be picked for the last qualifiers. Its by random chance. Teams are picked like lucky draw lol. We didnt get picked in the end though…

We got to play SSF4 though! Woohoo! I only managed to get to play 2 games… Cos every game took me 30~40mins to queue. They had madcatz tournament edition joysticks for every single console. That’s around 30 joysticks with 15 setups? I will never see this happen in Singapore. I am still hoping deep in my heart though :)

Its crazy cold btw. For some reason, the weather is terrible. Even though its supposed to be spring, it feels like winter in Japan. The venue is outdoor too… To my surprise, the world’s best Viper player, Uryo was present in the tournament qualifiers! I saw him playing against Haneyama(Chun Li) in the qualifiers.

Everyone was blocking my view, I couldnt see clearly. Haneyama won Uryo in the end though :( Uryo had that really sad sad sad face(tetra’s note: I talked to yagami about Uryo. He said Uryo always give the sad sad sad face when he lose in any tournaments.)
In the end I waited around for a bit before I approached him to say “Hi”. We took a picture together… As you see he wasnt really in the mood :( SORRY!

After the tournament ended, singapore team went to eat at Yoshinoya(sadly). We finished our food and went to Taito station arcade. There wasnt alot of people playing over there. So we changed location to Leisureland arcade. Lots of people was around.

Singapore team didnt stay long though. They returned back to their hotel around 8pm+. I stayed alone because I am going to Itabashi’s house to stay for the night. I was really tired too. Cant play properly. Lost alot of games. When I was playing, Gama started saying they want to interview me on live stream(apparently guys noticed and posted my pic lol).

So I got interviewed and erm… Alot of Singaporeans wanted to know what they asked. I cant remember the exact questions but here goes.

Interviewer(not sure of his name): We have Tetra here from Singapore.
Tetra: Hello!
Interviewer: Are the players in Singapore excited over SSF4’s announcement for arcade?
Tetra: Yap. Everyone is looking forward to the arcade release.
Interviewer: Are you the best player in Singapore?
Tetra: I am not the best player.
Interviewer: Which character is the best player in Singapore using?
Tetra: Sagat
Interviewer: Ah, Sagat.(lots of giggles around). How did you learn your japanese?
Tetra: I used to study in school before.

Something like that. There are probably more than this but I cant remember :(

Later during the night when the kansai(Kindevu, Uryo, Momochi, etc) left, I woke up. I played better after that haha. There were still grandmasters like Eita, Strike san around. Its really cool though, because I got chance to talk with players like Strike San(ken) and Mjou(Dhalsim).

Mjou and Strike San kept me company for a long long while :)

Conversation with Mjou. Not word by word though cant remember exact conversation lol.

Tetra: Hey, just want to say thanks for the games during 5v5 tournament
Mjou: Oh tetra, thank you.
Tetra: You are good dhalsim player(after playing a game with him once).
Mjou: Thanks! I dont really understand Viper though.
Tetra: There isnt any viper players in Fukuoka?
Mjou: Yap. Its hard to find any viper players in Fukuoka. We have alot of Sagats.
Tetra: Same in Singapore haha. Btw, where are the rest of the kyuushuu team?
Mjou: Not really sure but Strike san is over here.
Tetra: Oh. (Tetra’s note: I was trying to figure out where the hell did Makoto went!)
Tetra: Which part of Kyuushuu are you from?
Mjou: Fukuoka. Makoto and Strike san is from my area too.
Tetra: Wow.
Mjou: Is there alot of players in Singapore?
Tetra: Yap, right now SF4 has one of the most players for a fighting game. We have 60 player tournaments regularly too.
Mjou: That is really nice. We only have 20+ player tournament in Fukuoka.
Tetra: WHAT? Only 20?
Mjou: Yap. Most people dont want to join tournaments. They only play casually. So we cant get more than 20+ players in a tournament.
Tetra: That is sad… But you are still really strong.
Mjou: Ah, I feel the same way about you too. Singapore is really small but Singapore team played really well. We were shocked by your standards.
Tetra: Erm but Makoto wiped us out clean. We dont really understand the match up…
Mjou: Haha, Makoto…
I saw Akimo playing.
Tetra: Have you played against Akimo before?
Mjou: I only played him online mostly. I won him most of the time though.
Tetra: I think I am gonna die to Akimo.
Mjou: Why dont you try playing him?
Tetra: Hmm ok.
I played against Akimo and… I almost beat him by 1 drop of life.
Mjou looking at me and smiled.
Mjou: It didnt feel like a bad match up to me haha.
Tetra: I dont know, I guess Akimo dont know about Viper match up? Do you want to try play against Akimo? I want to see you play against him.
Mjou: Sure.
Mjou plays against Akimo and then…. he wins 2 games. I am shocked. Wtf is that dhalsim
I smiled at Mjou.
Tetra: Looks like its tough for Honda.
Mjou: Ya. Hehe.

Itazan arrived shortly after. We had to leave. I said bye to all of them. I told Mjou that I will be back for SBO. I will see him again then. I forgot to take a picture with him! A really nice guy. Wished I could hang out with him more :)

I ate ramen at some random street store with Itabashi on our way to his house. The uncle is really nice. He let me take a pic of his nice store :)

After we reached home, I played 40games against Itabashi from 2am~4am. Win/loss 30:10~. I won around 10+ games out of 40. It was tough! I wasnt really used to the environment but as always Itabashi is a yomi killer.

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