In Tokyo Japan, 3rd of April

Abit late but finally the recap for the 5on5 tournament day in Japan :)

Its finally Saturday(3rd of April 2010)! 5on5 Tournament Day!

I woke up at 7.30am in the morning to erm…. Play VF5 with Mochi(a VF/DOA player who I am staying with). Ya… I know I got SF4 tournament in the afternoon but I had to play with him at least once! Got raped badly at the end like 10 straight loss :( But it was fun! I ate nabe(hot pot) for breakfast before leaving for Akihabara.

Had some mishaps in though. Supposed to meet Ley(another DOA friend) at Leisure Land Akihabara at 1pm. But I couldnt find my way. Sorry Team Singapore! I had to call Ley to pick us up from Akihabara Train station. Finally managed to find him in the zerg loads of otakus. He then brought us to eat lunch at some place selling fried cutlets/etc(katsu stuff, makes sense?). Its really good for 890 yen! Btw Ley was almost went crazy with all the foreigners around him.

Zapzai,”What is this sauce?”
Tetra translates to Ley
Ley,”Its japanese mustard.”
Zapzai,”Oh mustard.”
Ley,”No no no Japanese Mustard.”
Zapzai goes what the heck. Just try.
After 3 secs… Zapzai goes EEEEEEP!
Zapzai,”Got wasabi mixed inside.”
Ley giggles,”Japanese Mustard.”

After lunch, we then met up with HZY before going to Leisure Land.

I greeted Gama and his staff.

Tetra,”Hello, I am Tetra from Singapore.”
Gama,”Ah! Thanks for coming.”
Tetra,”No problem, thanks for having us. Do we sign up now?”
Gama,”We are still having Blanka vs Dictator event. Please wait a while more. Registeration is 200yen per person. We also have tournament phamplets for 300yen.”
Tetra,”Can I see the phamplet?”
Gama hands phamplet to Tetra
Tetra goes WTF reaction.

Tetra returns phamplet to Gama…..

I told the team that we have to hang around abit first. Everyone went to the SF4 machine for casuals. There are 4 pairs of machines only. Each game cost 100yen(SGD$1.55). SUPER EXPENSIVE.

We managed to get some games in. I played 2 games with Momochi with the lousy joystick. The button isnt sensitive anymore. Requires mashing to get it out. So I died badly without being able to play properly. Other player who was beasting was Pamyu boxer. Its crazy seeing him s.HK > c.HK a lot of people.

Soon after, we registered for the tournament. Got some free cookies from Gama. Pino our commentator came to us and introduced himself. He is SUPER ENTHU.

Our first match is against Team Kantou. Comprises of Mago, Shiro, Iyo, Dashio, Tokido, Bonchan,

Shiro was their first player. All 4 singaporeans lost to Shiro. I was the last player. I lost to Shiro too. Watching back our matches I really feel that we had a chance.

Our 2nd match is against Team Kansai. Comprises of Pamyu, RF, Hishou, Ken, MDR,

First up was Vintagesoul vs RF. Everyone in the crowd was cheering like crazy. I didnt expect the japanese crowd to cheer for Vintagesoul(Singapore). We were all excited when Vintagesoul beat RF!

2nd game was Hishou vs Vintagesoul. Vintagesoul lost but everyone was in a good mood. We decided that I will go next.

I narrowly lost to Hishou when I got greedy at the final round…

4th game was Hishou vs HZY. HZY was just doing his usual random stuffs and won :)

5th game was Ken vs HZY. HZY lost :(

Up till now its pretty even! We might even win! Crowd was going crazy on every game we played against Team Kansai.

6th game was Ken vs Spore. Spore managed to win! Omg even more cheering from the crowd.

7th game was MDR vs Spore. Spore lost.

8th game was MDR vs SY. RUFUS VS RUFUS! If SY win 2 games we win! They did the legendary wait 3 secs > EX Messiah together. Which was so cool that everyone laugh. Eventually SY lost. But we all had fun :)

Our 3rd match is against Team Kyushu. Comprises of Makoto, Mjou, Strike san,

I decided to go first. Makoto was their first player. I died without doing anything… I didnt play with any claw at all in the whole trip in Japan. SY was the only one who had experience against a Japanese claw player(reiketsu).

In the end we all failed. HZY did the best though. Until he screw up with doing a “new combo”. :(

All the match videos can be found @ Link:

After the tournament, we went around taking pictures with all the top players :)

Ley, Tetra(me), Nishinkin(MVP Blanka!), Reiketsu, Kuramitsu(or something forgot her name).

I didnt realize HZY is so tall. I feel super short next to HZY and Kayo Police:(

I helped team Singapore with some questions for Japanese players. It was tough on me… Cos everyone wanted to use my camera and I had to do translations. I had to talk with Gama the organizer. Lots of stuff to do in a short period of time. Didnt manage to play alot because of that. In the end I guess everything turned out fine.

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