In Tokyo Japan, April 2nd 2010

April 7, 2010  |  Fighting Games, Street Fighter 4, Travel

Day 3 really sucks. Sucks so much that I dont even feel like blogging about it. So I am skipping on it. I really had a really bad day. Friends late for more than 2hours late is just part of it. My phone wasnt charged properly, ended up screwing up even more on Day 4 :(

I woke up 7.30 again in the morning again to have breakfast with Mochi(my friend I am staying with). I barely slept 4 hrs. Happens that he is skipping breakfast cos he gonna be late.

I saw my ex-classmate’s friend sms. I replied and realized my battery wasnt charged at all… I had to leave by 10am. So didnt have time to charge it again. The plan was to meet up with her for dinner at shinjuku tonight. I thought it was ok. At least one of my friend had a phone working in Japan. So worst case I would just use his phone to message.

I met up with my sf4 singapore gang at Ueno. Had some difficulties trying to find all of them because they took the Hibiya Line. Which is abit far off. I forgot to mention JR is better cos its closer to the Park.

We ate lunch at some store along the famous street(not sure the name). We proceeded to Ueno park after that. Lots of sakuras. Even though they are not full bloom yet cos of the crazy weather. Prayed at the temple. SY bought lots of kitty charms for his family.

I took a picture of 2 dudes playing DS instead of enjoying the sakuras. Maybe its more fun playing DS with all the pinky flowers around? :)

Our next stop is Harajuku! When we reached there, I had the “wtf” feeling. WTF is all this people doing here. Alot of females really. Like 80% is females. Apparently this street sells all the female stuffs.

There was this store selling bubble tea and a XXXXL size Takoyaki. I bought both :) Bubble tea was normal to me. Singapore bubble tea taste better imo. The Takoyaki? Its too big! Took alot of effort to eat. Forgot to take a picture of it…

More walking. We didnt really go into any of the stores. Just plain walking and looking at random japanese chicks.

Our next stop is Shinjuku. I wanted to message my ex-classmate about a proper place to meet. BUT!!!! My friend’s phone ran out of battery too….. Really bad luck for me…… I dont know how to meet her. I told her before that I will be hanging out around the arcade at Shinjuku area. But my instructions is a bit fail I guess.

In the arcade, we saw alot alot alot of players. More than what we would normally see.

Players like,
Shungoku Nerose
Itabashi Zangief
Strike san
AC revenger
Ojisan Boi
Bon Chan
and many more

Just too many to name… I had like 10 games with Ojisan Boi’s Ryu and Abel. He totally rapes me with Abel. I had a good fight with his Ryu. In general he won me much more though.


  1. Dude you need to specify which day of the week was Day 4 – I’m a little lost at this point because you just posted this up on 7 April… so Day 4 obviously wasn’t today or yesterday. I’m thinking, Saturday?

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