In Tokyo, Japan March 31st 2010

April 2, 2010  |  Fighting Games, Street Fighter 4, Travel

Typing blog for Day2 alone in a Cafe at Tsujiki. My sg friends are all late! They just woke up… Walked around 30mins trying to find them cos they didnt pick up the phone. They just called me saying they will be here in 30mins. Sigh.

THEY NEeD TO TREAT ME toDAY! Cos Paul said “You need to need to call our hostel in the morning. We can wake up one lah. Just meet up Tsukiji station.”

Anyway back to the actual blog. I went to Enterbrain(Arcadia, Famitsu, SBO) office during noon time. Kouichi was really nice to me. We even took a cab to the office! Took some pics over there. Gonna upload later. Their office is like 10 stories high lol. The whole building… I saw some stuff that I shouldnt see. So I wouldnt be revealing it :(

I met up with the rest of the gang at Shibuya after that. First time in Shibuya, bought a shirt at Uniqlo for 990 Yen. Saw the infamous Starbucks cafe on shibuya crossing :)

Anyway yesterday’s turn out at Shinjuku Taito was crazy

Players that were there
Aojiru Guile / Boxer
Daigo / Ryu
Itabashi Zangief /Zangief
Shiro / Abel
Iyo / Dhalsim
Yuu / Akuma
TUC / Dictator
Shuugoku Nerose / Dictator
Hanamaruki / Sagat
Ameriken / Sagat
Kanbara / Akuma
TKD / Fuerte
Togawa / Ryu
Youslydog / Chun Li
Beruberujin / Boxer
Reiketsu / Claw
Ataru(?) / B Rank Akuma
Some abel forgot the name / A Rank Abel

I had the toughest time with TKD then Iyo. Havent played against the grandmaster Akumas yet. TKD whooped my ass hard lol.

After like 8 games with TKD, I finally manage to win 3 games. Its crazy. One of the setups he did. He just back out and block. If I neutral jump, he would c.HK(slide) me. Cos his other anti air wouldnt be able to reach me.
Another thing he would do is RSF around 7~8times and then back off. Wait for me to commit to a mistake like neutral jump, reversal, backdash, etc. He would then slide me. I will get stun and that’s the end of the round!

TKD is at least x2~3 stronger than our best fuerte imo. In terms of match up knowledge and others. TOO SNEAKy! I like how he run stop back waited for me to ex seimsic. And he reacted by tortilla. i know its reaction cos he stopped completely and crouched down there.At the start of the round He would move back(i think run or backdash) then he focus.When I tried to dash in and thunder knuckle. I would always always whiff.:(
His use of slide is amazing.Truely the best fuerte in the world. At least I lost happily! Getting used to it. Winning the last few games against him.

Iyo raped me on the 1st game. On the 2nd game, I managed to empty jump c.LK combo into ultra. I almost finished him and he reversal EX yoga flame(the one that aim high). That killed my overhead-_-;

My last game was with Ameriken. I won him twice straight and lost twice. Truely a Ganguro style player hahah. Too tired to bother at the end. Damn sleepy, we spent like 7hrs in the arcade. Seimisc game worked really well against him.

My win rate is around 48% now. CC Rank I think.
Itabashi 3win:6lose(?)
Yuu 0:2
TKD 3:8
Ameriken 2:2
Iyo 0:2
Ataru 8:3(?)

Oh ya, I got friend, Mochi’s mum to register my card. Now I got a name! I need 25000 zeny(game money) before I can get my arrange costume :)


  1. was watching TKD playing a few before decided to go back turn in early. Man, was I damn impressed with his use of fuerte!

  2. What a disgrace to the country. Having 5 subpar B-grade fighters representing Singapore.

  3. Did you miss the part where they beat a few grandmaster and master players or are you just an immense troll?

  4. @ #2
    you must be an F-grade troll

  5. The Great Sleeper

    pussy hiding behind the computer screen la.. don’t give a shit about a coward.. if he thinks he’s so good, he should go and play instead.. bet he’ll get perfected with just pure footsies..

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