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Last friday, we had another local SF4 tournament. There were so many people eventually people started standing outside of the arcade!

I did better than my previous tournaments, that is I managed to last through 4 games :)  Losing to Ganguro’s Sagat and Brandon’s Dictator. Ganguro’s Sagat basically finished me off with tiger uppercut > saving cancel > 6HK > ultra shit >_<  Brandon pretty much did the same thing as me but he was always 1 step earlier! Good games though.

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This article has been up for a month, wanted to post it a while back but keep forgetting about it… Anyway its a very interesting read about professional gaming in USA. And how this guy(Manny) is doing after Championship Gaming Series went down. I seen him a few times in world wide tournaments for DOA. He is very passionate in trying to get competitive gaming for fighting games going.

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