Resident evil 5 demo and FFXIII Trailer

January 28, 2009  |  Other Games

Just tried 360 RE5 demo yesterday. The controls was default at type D. I find it somewhat better than RE4’s control scheme. The movements is much smoother. Easier to run around compared to RE4.

The demo allows you to play Offline and Online Co-op mode. I tried with Gary via Online. We completed both scenarios avail on the demo. It wasnt hard at all when he saved my ass and I saved his ass.

You can now do awesome kick ass martial art punches or flip kicks after shooting zombies on the head. It is really cool to see Chris doing a power pack punch into a bunch of zombies.

The AI is kinda crazy at times. They chased you everywhere. Even after you climbed up the ladder. They will hop right up chasing you till the world’s end.

Really looking forward to the game in March now!

Final Fantasy XIII’s new trailer is up. The combat system looks somewhat similar to previous FF games. Looks more turn based than anything. Its definately much more flashy though.

Full quality trailer:

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