World Cyber Games Grand Finals recap

Gonna do a recap since I didnt get enough time to blog while I was in Germany. Updating this post with more information and pictures.

Day 1:

Team Singapore reached Germany, Cologne! Well, half of us did. The rest are in another transit flight. The travel agent sort of screwed up and split the team into 2 different transit flights.

Danny tired from the flightDanny tired from the flight

Danny and I went to the Burger King in the airport while waiting for the rest to arrive. Hurray to the REAL KING SIZE BK! Cost me like 7 euros to get a meal. Yea expensive :(

After the rest arrived, we had our picture taken by WCG Official photographers. We took the coach to the hostel Rhiel. The lousy hostel in my opinion. WCG have 2 hostels this year. Most of the countries are staying in Hostel Deutz. Sucks to be us :(

Danny and I quickly set up our 360 and monitor for practice even though its like 9pm already. YES! We did bring our own monitors and 360 from Singapore. I knew we would have problems with no monitors in the crappy hostel. So Danny agreed to bring his 15inch one to Germany! WE ARE HARDCORE! :)

Day 2:

Guitar Hero guy(Herbert) and I have a interview today at Hostel Deutz. Pretty much because we got Bronze in Asian World Cyber Games in our respective games. The rest of the Team Singapore gang went out for shopping.

Herbert and I waited for the shuttle bus at 9.30am. After 30mins out in the cold, the shuttle bus didnt appear in our sight. Stupid crap. There was a bunch of people there waiting with us(mainly the korean admin guys).

One of the Korean guy came to us and offered us free cab ride to the Tournament Venue. We had to wait for the Korean admins to walk us to Hostel Deutz from the venue(Kolnmesse). The hostel is supposed to be within walking distance. Herbert and I walked around the “Still in Construction WCG tournament venue” while waiting for the korean dudes. WCG staff were still busy at trying to get everything set up before the big day.

I saw some of my old friends from CGS and WCG. I was particularly surprised to see Laurent(CGS game marshal). We chatted abit. He says that I am the only CGS/ex CGS Dead or Alive player who made it to WCG Grand Finals. Alot of other players have tried but failed.

I also met Steve and Verena. Verena(2005 DOA player for Austria) is still as pretty as ever. Yea for the one and only female WCG player in the past! Right now a referee for this event.

The wait is finally over, we had to walk to Hostel Deutz. We almost got lost… The korean admins had to ask random people how to get to the Hostel. He even called his friends for help! That took us like 20mins out in the cold before we found our way there :(

Turns out that they started interviewing the Korean team first. I met Wonhee(Korea VF5 player) in the lobby. We tried REALLY REALLY hard to exchange a few words.

Wonhee, “Virtua Fighter?”
Tetra, “Yes, Virtua Fighter. Singapore.”
Wonhee, “Ah Singapore. I korea.”
Tetra, “Oh!”
Big pause….
Wonhee, “You Akira?”
Tetra, “No, my friend Akira. Me Vanessa.”
Wonhee, “Ah, you no Danny.”
Tetra, “I Tetra. Vanessa.”
Wonhee, “OH! Vanessa. Good! You Strong!”
Tetra, “You strong too!”
Both, “Haha.”
Wonhee, “Sorry interview now. See you later.”
Tetra, “Ok!”

After the Korean team finished their interview, it was finally our turn. We had to do alot of funny shit in the interview. So funny that we werent laughing during our interview! Anyway, we wasted half of day doing the interview. Afterwhich, we ate Macdonalds for late lunch. The Macdonalds in Germany can kick Singapore’s Macdonalds ass anytime!

We returned to our hostel by cab, which the Korean admin girl gladly paid for. She gets reimbursed by ICM(Company that runs WCG). I got back to my room only to find Danny and Jonathan(Singapore PGR guy) sleeping away. Danny says he isnt feeling well but I insisted on practicing.

There is a player’s welcome party tonight in a cruise. There were lots and lots of people there. We had lots of free food(sucky imo) and drinks(sucky imo too). Met up with Marco(WCG 2005 DOA player) and 2 other German VF players. Had a chat with them. Nothing eventful on the cruise.

We went back to the hostel to have EVEN MORE PRACTICE. I was so tired and feeling ready to sleep after a few games. I went for a shower so that I can get ready to sleep real soon. Then someone “BONK BONK BONK” on my door and started screaming “Where is Tetra?”. Oh god its Samantha. Just when I wanted to sleep… I saw Cam(Australian PGR4 Player) waiting outside our room.

I smell something fishy… They wanted to go to the other hostel(Deutz) to mess around with the other players. Its like midnight or something! Sigh, eventually I got convinced to go. And I convinced Danny to tag along so we can see Itazan.

We took a cab. Cost us 12Euros. Was expecting more. Guess it isnt really that far. Cam went on drinking spree. While the rest of us went to look for Itazan. We did the “BONK! BONK! BONK!” thing again on Itazan’s door.

We managed to wake the sleepy him up. Drag him to play VF with us at the German VF player’s room. We played for around an hour. I managed to take advantage of his lack of practice and jet lag. Out of 4 games I won 3 against him. Everyone was surprised.

We went back to our hostel with Cam around 1am. Damn tired… Had some chat with Danny before sleeping. We knew Itazan is weak at the moment. We might even stand a chance to get Gold Medal…

Day 3:

Had a lousy morning again with our jet lag still staying with us. Heard lots of snoring when I was trying hard to sleep. Samantha is coming over to our room at 10am. She wanted to go to Koelmesse with us.

After eating breakfast, we found our room invaded with Ladybirds. Sigh. All because someone wanted to open the windows. We invited LOTS of them in. By LOTS, I mean 30+ of them swarming inside our room… Jonathan and Herbert to the counter to ask the staffs for help. While Danny and I continue to practice VF5 in the room infested with Ladybirds.

We took a cab together to Deutz Hostel after Samantha and Wugga arrived in our room. We didnt know where to eat and I suggested Macdonalds. Its only across the street at the train station. There we saw Marco and another Germany guy who is playing Fifa. We chatted there while having our lunch. I also introduced Samantha to Marco and friend.

After our nice comfy lunch at old macdonalds, we proceeded to our next destination, the German’s room. When we arrived there, our german friends had to leave soon. They have a team meeting at SOMEWHERE. I cant remember where. They were nice enough to lend us their room since we already took the trouble to travel all the way here. Itazan was nowhere to be found. Damn! We decided to ask Wonhee for a few games. Danny and I got his room number when we had our cruise yesterday. Yea we didnt just sit down there and eat like pigs :)


Day 5:

Trying to buy a ticket inside the tramFiguring out how the ticketing works in the tram

VF5 Lunch at player's loungeThe VF5 gang

Day 6:

I lost on this faithful day against AdamYuki(USA). This guy is VERY STRONG. He is amazing. I doubt he lose to anyone in the USA. To be honest, I was really worried against him and I switched character to try. It was a bad choice though. I should have picked Eileen or Vanessa instead. AdamYuki is my nightmare in this entire tournament. More than Japan… Bad time to meet him.

After I lost, Danny had to play AdamYuki next. He was nervous and hesitated in the 1st game. He looked over to me at the spectator stand. His eyes were all confused! I told him, “Dont hesitate!”. He pulled himself together and executed his strategy. Beating USA!

Krye recorded this match during casuals with me against Itazan(Japan). I did pretty good. You can see Itazan laughing in the video. Haha. I beat him in this first to 3 games.

Itazan(Shun) vs Tetra(Vanessa)

Day 7:

Verena and meVerena and me!

Prize CeremonyDanny and Itazan happy with winning!

Day 8:


  1. “So Danny agreed to bring his 15inch one to Germany! WE ARE HARDCORE! ” <—- My gosh… your luggage includes LCD+xBox+VF5+Sticks?…. :)

  2. Mine have a Xbox360 + game. Danny’s luggage have a LCD, Speakers and joysticks x2. Other than the germans we were the only other pple who brought a 360 setup LOL.

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