MaplestorySEA Singapore movie gathering

April 30, 2015  |  Other Games  |  No Comments

Asiasoft Singapore shared Star force patch details during their community movie gathering event. Additions/changes on UI and gameplay were shared by Asiasoft's community leader. We were treated to Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie after the MapleStory presentation. More details of the patch details can be found here  

Started my own company DR Q Store

June 27, 2014  |  Random rants  |  1 Comment

Finally started my company. It is a online merchandise platform. We create merchandise with original IP designs by game, animation, comics artists/studios designs and market it to the world. We welcome all artists/studios who are interested into getting their IPs produced and marketed :) This is 0 cost on the artists/studios. We don't...

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Logitech launches 8 new gaming products

May 26, 2013  |  Events, Product Review, Review  |  5 Comments

Logitech launches 8 new PC gaming products; 4 mouse, 2 keyboard and 2 headphone. The new tagline for their gaming products is "Science wins". By empowering gamers with gaming devices created from science, gamers will excel even more.In additional, gamers will be happy to know that all this 8 products...

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Lasik + Gamer = Cyclops! Part 1

May 14, 2013  |  Random rants  |  No Comments

Haven't been blogging lol. I don't think I even need to say that. Recently, my passion for blogging came back. There are a number of reasons... I will talk about them on my next next post lol. Hopefully, that will be within this or next week. I swear they are good...

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